Twenty Twenty Vision: Strategic Action Plan for the Welsh Red Meat Industry  

The Strategic Action Plan has been prepared by HCC in close consultation with the Welsh red meat supply-chain and the Welsh Government. 

The Action Plan seeks to deliver a profitable, efficient, sustainable and innovative industry which benefits the people of Wales; a red meat industry which is resilient to political and environmental change and capable of responding competitively to ever changing market trends.

The Action Plan identifies the priorities, objectives, targets and actions that will help to address key challenges and bring about a positive impact on the employment and the growth of the rural economy in Wales. It is intended to provide a pathway forwards whilst being flexible enough to allow the Welsh red meat industry to respond to changing circumstances in a timely and appropriate manner. This Action Plan seeks to be ambitious, yet realistic. It is outcome driven and, as such, specific financial targets for 2020 have been included for the first time, in order to provide a clear and focused measure of success.

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