Framework agreements 


HCC undertook a procurement exercise for the following services in order to issue framework agreements for 3 years from 1 April 2014. Please note that HCC has exercised their option to extend the frameworks for a further year to 31 March 2018. 

The winning suppliers under each of the categories were:

Integrated Agency Services

The Agency Global Ltd

Gill Advertising Ltd

Golley Slater Group Ltd

Haygarth Group Ltd


Design & Graphics

Elevator Design Ltd

Escape To Design Ltd

The Publishing House (UK) Ltd

Golley Slater Group Ltd

The Ontrac Agency Ltd

VWD Design Associates Ltd

Wilde Design Ltd


Export Development

Alimentum Suisse sarl

Aydon Consultants Ltd

Green Seed Belgium

Green Seed France

Green Seed Germany

Jeff Martin sagl


Qualatitive Consumer Research Services

D J S Research

Enterprise Planning & Research Ltd

Leeds Metropolitan University

Research Works Ltd


Public Relation Services

Focus PR Ltd

Golley Slater Group Ltd

Lucre Marketing Ltd

Richmond Towers Communications Ltd


Stand Build

The framework agreement for stand build was issued on 1 November 2015 for a period of 3 years. The winning supplier under the framework were:

The Ontract Agency Limited

Event Exhibition and Design Limited

Blueway Creative Media Limited

Fernleigh Design Limited


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