Welsh Red Meat Levy Rates 


As of 01 April 2018, the Welsh Red Meat Levy rates have been set, as follows.

The levy is jointly paid by producer and slaughterer/exporter, raised on all cattle, sheep and pigs slaughtered in Wales or exported live.

  Welsh Red Meat Levy Rates   
Species Total Levy Collected per Head Total Paid by Producer per Head Total Paid By Slaughterer per Head
Cattle £5.67 £4.34 £1.33
Calves (up to 68kg) £0.17 £0.085 £0.085
Pigs £1.30 £1.05 £0.25
Sheep £0.83 £0.63 £0.20


*Please note - Cattle now includes buffalo and bison

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