The modules provide up-to-date, accurate and clear information and teaching resources on red meat. These have been designed to support Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students. 



This is meat


An introduction to the structure and composition of meat

This is meat - Introduction

This is meat

Lets look at meat

What is red meat

What is red meat – answer guide

This is meat – teachers notes

Fat reduction in red meat



Meat and Health

Basic nutrition information and the role of red meat in the diet

Meat and Health - Introduction

Meat and Health

Lets look at meat

The meat I eat

How much meat is that

Meat and Health – note sheets

Meat and Health – answers sheet

Meat and Health – teachers notes


Meat types and cuts

A summary of the different types of meat cuts and suitable cooking techniques

Meat type and cuts - Introduction

Meat type and cuts

Meat today

Meat for my meal

Meat types and cuts – note sheet

Meat types and cuts – answer guide


Storage and preparation

Key information on shelf life, safety and hygiene, methods of heat transfer and the changes meat undergoes when being cooked

Meat storage and preperation - Introduction

Meat storage and preparation

Cooking with red meat

Factsheet – methods of preserving meat

Which type of food preservation is it

Meat storage and preparation

Meat storage and preparation – note sheet

Meat storage and preparation – teachers notes



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