Health and Diet 


Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef and pork form Wales can play in an important role in our diet as they contain valuable nutrients that are beneficial for our health.

But no single foods contain all the nutrients we need for health, so it’s important to try and eat a wide variety of different foods each day to maintain good health.

Part of HCC’s role is to educate consumers about the important role that red meat plays and how Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef and pork can be enjoyed as part of healthy balanced diet.

HCC travels to events and schools around the country to explain to people why it is important to get the balance of foods. More information on the work that we do to teach young people about eating healthily can be found in the Education section.

Making the right choices and taking regular exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle and can offer additional benefits such as helping you to fight off illness more effectively and improve your general well being. To find out more about how to eat a healthy balanced diet, click here.

Meat and Health is an initiative set up to promote the health benefits that come from eating red meat as part of a healthy balanced diet. It contains information for health professionals and those in education to keep them up to date with all the latest  news and research about red meat and provides free resources and advice.

They have produced a number of factsheets that contain all the important information about a healthy lifestyle and diet:

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