Red Meat and Nutrition 


Lean cuts of red meat contain important nutrients that can play an important part of a healthy balanced diet.

Red meat is a:

• Excellent source of Iron – which is needed for healthy blood
• Good source of Protein – which helps the body to grow and repair itself
• Good source of Zinc – helps maintain a healthy immune system
• Source of B and D vitamins – for energy production and strong bones.

Lean red meat also contains less fat than you may think. Fully trimmed cuts of lamb contain around 8% fat, beef 5% and pork as little as 4%.

To help inform consumers of the benefit of eating lean Welsh red meat, HCC has produced a series of four booklets which contains important information of the nutritional improtance of red meat and how it relates to protein, iron, fat and other nutrients.

These booklets can be downloaded using the links below:

Red Meat and Protein           Red Meat and Iron               Red Meat and Fat           Red Meat and Nutrients

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