Animal Health and Welfare 


High standards of health and welfare are important for the productivity, efficiency and perception of farms in Wales. HCC provides information for farmers wanting to improve their knowledge on these technical subjects through industry meetings, events and publications.

Specific topics can be viewed here in the Animal Health and Welfare area of the website or booklets on a wide range of animal health issues can be found in the publications section.

Developing an animal health plan in conjunction with your vet is the best way to plan an approach to controlling the diseases and health issues that you are most likely to encounter on your farm. It provides an opportunity to discuss problems you have experienced with your vet and develop a strategy for controlling and treating these issues in the future. Farmers who regularly discuss and update their health plans with their vet are the most successful at controlling serious economic diseases such as Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD), lameness, liver fluke and roundworms.

We priovide monthly health and welfare bulletins, or if you require more information regarding a specific sheep or cattle disease, please visit the National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS) website or the Animal & Plant Health Agency website.





















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