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Presenting clean livestock for slaughter

PGI Welsh Lamb is a respected product with a strong following in the UK and beyond. HCC is continually working to open up new markets including distant overseas markets. HCC is working with everyone in the red meat supply chain to increase the shelf life of PGI Welsh Lamb.

The first step is to make sure animals are clean and dry before they leave the farm.


The transportation of cattle and sheep is another risk area for contaminating coats and fleeces with faeces but there are some simple steps that can be taken to reduce this.

  • Always make sure the trailer has been cleaned and disinfected before loading a new batch of animals;
  • Avoid loading wet animals;
  • Withhold feed for 6 hours prior to transportation to reduce gut fill. Water does not need to be withheld. Changing animals with loose dung to a drier diet for a few days will also help;
  • Reduce stress by having good handling facilities, well maintained vehicles and ramps and by not mixing batches of animals;
  • Vehicles with multiple decks pose contamination risks for the animals transported on the lower deck. Withholding feed for 6 hours from animals transported on this type of vehicle is essential.


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