Lamb Efficiency Calculator 



The number of lambs reared per ewe is one of the most important single factors affecting the productivity of sheep flocks. Consequently any measure that can increase the number of lambs that are produced has a major impact on the profitability and viability of the sheep enterprise.

This lamb efficiency calculator has been produced so that sheep farmers can evaluate their own flock’s performance and compare against other sheep enterprises. To use the calculator click on the image above.

This calculator should be used as a starting point for assessing the current performance of the flock. Once this has been established targets can be set for the future of the sheep enterprise.

Within the calculator the farm's lamb to ewe ratio (number of lambs per breeding ewe) can be compared to other farms. The figure showed for the Welsh average comes from the Welsh Government’s 2011 June Survey.

The calculator was produced by the School of Management & Business at Aberystwyth University for HCC.

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