Lamb Feeding Calculator 


Creep feeding lambs early in the season to target sales to achive peak lamb prices can be beneficial and economical, provided the increased gain exceeds the costs associated with the system. However if lambs are not sold at the correct time creep feeding can prove to be an expensive option.

This lamb feed calculator has been produced so that sheep farmers can decide if it would be financially viable to creep feed their lambs or not. To use the calculator click on the image above.

The price shown on the calculator is based on 2011 lamb prices.

The calculator does not take into account costs associated with the two systems such as labour, vet and medicine and depreciation on specialist feeding equipment.

The calculator was produced by the School of Management & Business at Aberystwyth University for HCC through funding received from the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 - 2013.

Please help us to develop and improve this calculator by taking the time to complete a questionnaire. To download the questionnaire click here.

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