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Porcine Epedemic Diarrhoea Virus(PEDv)

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (PEDv) has hit the pig industry in North America over the past year. This serious disease epidemic causes severe diarrhoea in all age of pigs and high death rates amongst piglets. 

The new strain of PEDv is highly infectious and moves very easily between pig units not only by infected animals but anything which may be contaminated with the virus. With a milder form of PEDv seen in Wales in previous years, the industry is naïve to this virulent virus which will cause serious infection if introduced to Wales. Consequently the Welsh pig industry must be prepared to react to any suspicion of PEDv.

For more information on PEDv please click here

Review of the Welsh Pork Sector

The review was undertaken to better enable HCC to target activities to the sector and will assist in the development of an application for protected food name status in respect of Welsh Pork.

As part of this review, HCC asked pork producers to complete a survey to establish a clear understanding of the current pork sector in Wales.

Click here, to download the final report.




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