Anthelmintic Resistance Project 

WAARD - Wales against Anthelmintic Resistance Development


The aim of the project was to determine the degree of sheep roundworm resistance in the three older anthelmintic groups (1-BZ, 2-LV and 3-ML). Moxidectin part of the 3-ML group was also included as a separate test as resistance had not been detected previously; some reports have identified some resistance due to its prolonged efficacy and its use with ectoparasites. As part of the project WRVC also tested for Tiriclabendazole resistant fluke.

Why is it important?

Worm control in the sheep industry is paramount and resistance threatens its viability. Identifying the degree of resistance is essential to notify farmers of the need to strategise their worm control procedures now before it gets too late.

How did the project work?

Farms were selected purposely based on likely engagement and compliance. To determine resistance levels in sheep roundworms the consortium used the DrenchSmart® service; a Techion product that has globally recognised procedures for undertaking FECRT (Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test). Resistance data is available for 47 unique farms included in the project. Tests were carried out in the autumn/winter (Oct 2014 - Jan 2015) and spring/summer (May 2015 - Jul 2015).

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