RDP Projects 


Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) has been awarded funding for two new projects through an extension to the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013. The projects categorised under Meeting Market Requirements and Optimising Animal Health aim to enhance producer awareness of current market requirements to improve efficiency and sustainability, and also to highlight the benefits of improving the health status of the Welsh flock and herd.

Meeting Market Requirements

Quality Management Procedures (QMP) Project

Under the Meeting Market Requirements umbrella, HCC has support available for small and medium sized (SME’s) abattoirs and cutting plants in Wales to review procedures, in-plant systems and provide training where needed. Small and medium sized abattoirs and cutting plants are benefiting from the fully funded project through receiving one to one training and advice from meat industry professionals for their staff.

The support is contributing to the development, implementation and maintenance of a Manual of Quality Management Procedures (QMP) tailored to each business’s requirements. Aiming to maximise efficiency, provide opportunities for business development, deliver quality products and develop an accredited foundation for SME’s.

The funding has been made available for all red meat SME abattoir and cutting plants in Wales and will include advice and training in Animal Welfare Monitoring Systems and on ‘extending the shelf-life of red meat products’. This support complements and enhances work which was originally undertaken by some SME’s in a similar project between 2009 and 2010.

Optimising Animal Health

Health Surveillance Project

The aim of the health surveillance project is to demonstrate how positive animal health intervention can have a productive and financial benefit for sheep and beef enterprises. HCC has teamed up with five vet practices across Wales who are working with a total of 10 beef and sheep farms pan Wales.

The project aims to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement within the current health plan operated on farms, this includes a follow up investigation into any areas of concern, for example poor lamb growth rates, calving difficulties or an underlying disease issue.

Information on the project and the issues identified and investigated will appear on the site shortly.

Anthelmintic Resistance Project

HCC has enlisted 45 Welsh farms to participate in the Anthelmintic Resistance Project. The project is investigating levels of anthelmintic resistance that currently exist on sheep farms for roundworms and liver fluke.

With roundworm and liver fluke having a negative impact on flock animal health, performance and enterprise profitability, it is important to be aware of the anthelmintic resistance status on individual farms. The project is being conducted on the selected farms during autumn and early winter, initially a faecal egg count mob test is carried out to identify if there are worms and/or fluke present before vet’s visit. Veterinary teams then carry out wormer treatments and initial sampling, before revisiting seven and 14 days later to conduct post sampling treatments.

The project report can be found here

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