Energy and Water Use 

Over recent years energy and water costs, for both domestic and commercial purposes, have increased considerably. Consequently efficient use of energy and water is needed on farms in order to save money while also reducing GHG emissions associated with both usages.

Generating electricity on farm is increasing in popularity and there are opportunities to generate income from this. Suitable technologies for adopting on farm include hydro, solar and wind energy. Further information on renewable energy and how they can be adopted on farm can be found at

While beef and sheep farmers are not major users of water cost savings can be made by ensuring supplies are fit for purpose and not leaking. More information on water use is available in the following publication;

  • Water Management on Farms and Farmland

    This booklet assesses how much water is required on farms and how much it costs. It makes practical suggestions to improve the efficiency of water use and minimise the impact of water shortages on the farm.

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