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Demand for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef from outside of the UK is constantly growing and it is HCC’s role to develop existing markets and also to discover new markets for Welsh red meat.

We support the export of Welsh red meat through market research, publicity materials and meeting with importers.
Carrying out market research allows us to continuously asses how we can further develop opportunities for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef in countries that are already importing Welsh red meat to increase exports. This research also allows us to look for new countries that wish to buy Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

We then fund inward missions to bring importers, retailers and suppliers to Wales from abroad to promote the Welsh red meat industry and the benefits for their business of purchasing Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

We also travel with Welsh red meat exporters to increase sales in countries that already import Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef and explore potential new markets for our exporters. An important part of this is HCC’s attendance at key international food trade shows such as Sial (Paris), Anuga (Cologne) and HOFEX (Hong Kong). These events allow HCC to promote Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef to some of the world’s leading food buyers and ensure that the brands are positioned at the top end of the market.
We have also produced a number of publications that aim to further grow the foreign markets for Welsh red meat.

Documents have been produced in a number of foreign languages to promote the qualities of Welsh red meat to potential importers, while point of sale material has been produced for some key markets to promote the unique flavour and versatility of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef to shoppers abroad.

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