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Created with only the best of the best

Only the best of the best goes into creating PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef. This is at the essence of the brand. We create premium, superior quality PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef using the best that Wales has to offer.

Hundreds of years of farming traditions have been dedicated to PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef husbandry. Welsh farming techniques have been honed again and again. And it’s taken millions of years to craft the perfect landscape for rearing lamb and cattle. This unique environment, and heavy rainfall, creates the luscious Welsh grass and heathers that gives PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef its unique taste.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status protects all of this from imitation and confirms that what we have is ours and ours only. This results in a strong brand promise to consumers. When purchasing PGI Welsh Lamb or PGI Welsh Beef they can expect a premium quality, superior tasting product that could only have been created in Wales.

HCC is the guardian of the Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef and pork from Wales brands. It is our role to ensure that the brands are used effectively and correctly to promote Welsh red meat to consumers both here in the UK and across the globe. The brands are promoted through consumer activities, PR and advertising, and promotional material for retailers, butchers and the public.

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