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  • Welsh Processors Chase Millions At World’s Greatest Marketplace

    Oct 9 2015

    A multi-million pound export bonanza in 2016 for branded PGI Welsh Lamb is the target for Wales’ top red meat exporters as they seek new sales outlets at the world’s biggest food marketplace this weekend.

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  • Welsh Lamb “Divine” Says Top Chef “Lambassador”

    Oct 7 2015

    The youngest ever winner of a prestigious European female chefs competition will be Welsh Lamb’s “Lambassador” in Belgium for the next twelve months.

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  • Welsh Lamb burger seeks sales in Parisian promo

    Oct 1 2015

    Paris may be showing off new season fashions but France’s discerning diners are donning the latest apparel to get their hands on this season’s style accessory - a Rugby World Cup Welsh Lamb burger called the Red Dragon Burger.

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  • Sponsorship chance to attend sheep industry conference

    Sep 30 2015

    HCC are offering sponsorship for a sheep farmer from Wales to attend the Sheep Breeders Round Table Conference - titled ‘Get better or get gone’ - in Nottingham between 20 – 22 November.

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  • New Zealand flock decline may aid UK domestic festive demand

    Sep 29 2015

    A decline in the New Zealand flock by one in 25 in just twelve months provides grounds for cautious optimism for end of year Welsh Lamb demand.

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  • HCC Report Reveals “Worrying” Wormer Resistance Levels

    Sep 28 2015

    Resistance to worm drenches to combat parasitic diseases continue to build and Welsh farmers need to take measures to immediately rectify existing practices or the industry faces serious consequences in the future

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  • Millions Witness HCC Marketing Blitz to Boost Welsh Lamb

    Sep 25 2015

    Millions in Wales and England have been involved in HCC’s two season, multi-media promotion of PGI Welsh Lamb since its launch date in July.

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  • Blog-bank boost to HCC’s healthier eating campaign

    Sep 21 2015

    HCC has set up a parental blog-bank to boost its long running Health and Education campaign and unlock a secret store of well-tried, hearty and nutritious family friendly recipes.

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  • Welsh Lamb Welcome For Chinese Vice-Premier

    Sep 21 2015

    Welsh Lamb was part of the welcome for one of China's most senior politicians at a dinner in Cardiff.

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  • Industry Input Vital For Shelf Life Gains

    Sep 15 2015

    HCC has launched a new supply chain survey seeking industry views and recruiting expertise in a bid to help Welsh Lamb products stay on shop shelves for longer, increase their market value and boost export potential.

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  • Careful Ram Selection Means Pounds In Your Pocket

    Sep 14 2015

    The post-summer ram sales season again highlights the need for Welsh farmers to continue to plan to breed for market demand if they are to maximise returns in a time of tight margins.

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  • Don’t Be Disappointed - ‘Look for the Logos’

    Sep 10 2015

    Look for the Logos - that’s Welsh red meat promotion agency Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) – Meat Promotion Wales’ advice to shoppers if they don’t want to be disappointed.

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  • Farmers sign up for grassroots gear change

    Sep 10 2015

    HCC WILL DEVISE an additional grassroots communications programme to help further convey to farmers the wide ranging and detailed marketing and industry development work it undertakes throughout Wales after meeting with producers at Aberystwyth on Tuesday

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  • Farmers share their experiences of EID recording

    Sep 9 2015

    A scheme aimed at encouraging sheep farmers in Wales to overcome barriers to electronic recording is proving to be a resounding success.

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  • A perfect match as Welsh Lamb teams up with Festival No.6

    Sep 2 2015

    What do TV and film star Steve Coogan, chart-topping musician James Morrison and best selling author Irvine Welsh have in common with Welsh Lamb?

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