Wales targets Russia for exports of red meat

Mar 21 2012

Russia is a new export target for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

A team of Russian inspectors recently visited Wales to see the conditions that exist both on farm and in processing plants.

This is the first stage in realising our ambition to export our premium quality produce to Russia, said Laura Dodds, Market Development Manager with Welsh red meat promotion agency Hybu Cig Cymru. We believe that the visit was a success, and we now await their decision. I am optimistic of a positive outcome.

Exports of lamb and beef from the UK to the Russian Federation are currently restricted, but HCC is confident that these will be lifted once the inspection process has been completed.

The inspection by eight Russian vets follows similar inspections by both Chinese and Canadian officials to Welsh processing plants and farms. As a result Canada has already allowed Welsh Lamb into the country, while China is still in the inspection process.

If the Russian Federation agrees to lift the restrictions, it will mean we can also export our produce to Belarus and Kazakhstan which along with Russia are members of the Customs Union trade group, said Miss Dodds.

Russia is one of the world's biggest importers of beef. If restrictions are lifted, the beef market alone could be worth up to 115 million a year for British producers.

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