Pupils learn to cook with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

Mar 25 2015

Wales’ red meat agency, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) went back to school last week for a day with a difference.

HCC’s Consumer Executive, Elwen Roberts was invited to Ysgol Henry Richard, Tregaron to promote the benefits of including red meat as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The sessions, held with over 100 pupils from years 7, 8 and 9, formed part of a day’s activities based on personal and social education. 

Elwen referred to the different types of food that make up our diet and the notion of a balanced plate which illustrates the proportions we should eat them in.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Ysgol Henry Richard’s food technology department,” said Elwen Roberts. “Each session began with a discussion on the importance of a healthy diet, then the pupils picked an ingredient from each food group to create a tasty, balanced meal of their choice.

“They chose a source of protein - Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef or pork from Wales – and added a portion of starch such as pasta, rice, noodles or wraps. We also ensured that plenty of vegetables were included. Everyone enjoyed tasting our creations and the Chinese and Thai dishes were a big hit!”

The sessions were also an opportunity to highlight the hidden salt, sugar and fat included in ready-meals and fast-food, and to promote the benefits of locally sourced, home cooked produce.

Mrs Roberts added: “It is hoped that the youngsters will think about where their food comes from in the future, as well as keep an eye out for the PGI logos which were shown and explained to them during the sessions.”

Ysgol Henry Richard head teacher, Jane Wyn said: “The pupils enjoyed the HCC sessions and many of them recognised Mrs Elwen Roberts from visits to the HCC stand at the Royal Welsh Show!

“As a large number of our pupils have family connections with the agricultural industry and as it’s such a popular subject here, it’s very important that we reinforce the fine qualities of local produce. The sessions were an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the high standard of Welsh meat, which should form an important part of a healthy, balanced diet.”

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