HCC matches Myrddin with Misha in Milan to help lift £6m Welsh Lamb trade

Oct 18 2016

Hybu Cig Cymru-Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is seeking to lift Welsh Lamb exports to Italy by linking our quality producers with top international chefs and discerning diners.

Italy’s £6m trade makes it one of the most important overseas markets for HCC’s expanding export plans for PGI Welsh Lamb and it seeks to prompt further growth by creatively drawing on the help of Welsh sheep farmers and celebrated chefs to narrate the brand’s special supply chain story from farm to fork - under the banner headline: “Naturale, buono e genuino!”

Welsh Lamb’s sought-after PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designation is particularly renowned and respected among consumers in Italy, where it places it on a par with other protected-name stellar foods such as Parma ham and Champagne.

One ambassador is Myrddin Davies, a fifth generation farmer from Pandy Tudur, in the Conwy Valley, who has been helping to drive the PGI message home with a feature blog on HCC’s Italian-language website

“In Wales, it is very easy to find farming families like mine,” blogged Myrddin. “It’s thanks to this great, centuries-old heritage that Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef obtained the coveted PGI status over ten years ago.

“Welsh Lamb is a truly natural product that is bred in the open air. It feeds on green grass, and grows in a healthy and clean environment. Welsh Lamb is tender, sweet and very tasty.  It is what it is; there are no secrets, a genuine taste that expresses all its qualities.”

Fast forward to Milan, where a group of Italian journalists brought together by HCC recently enjoyed a range of delectable dishes, designed and cooked by celebrated Milanese chef Misha Sukyas, all highlighting the versatility of PGI Welsh Lamb. Food writers from across Italy enjoyed dishes like carpaccio of Welsh Lamb with Shanghai sauce, smoked Welsh Lamb with salted yogurt, and fregola in Welsh Lamb cawl.

“Italy is a very important market for our producers,” said HCC’s Export Development Executive Alex James. “Italian consumers expect a high quality product based on traditional farming practices with the indisputable reassurance of a PGI classification – that’s where reputable, traditional farmers such as Myrddin Davies are invaluable ambassadors.

“The food writers who tasted Misha Sukyas’s recipes in Milan were given great taste, fantastic flavour and the full, farm-to-fork story of how Welsh Lamb is produced,” he said.

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