Celebrate St David’s Day with Welsh Lamb

Feb 19 2015

March 1st is the day that fills the hearts of every Welsh person with pride as the nation celebrates St David’s Day.

And with the day of our Patron Saint falling on a Sunday, there’s plenty of time to make it a long weekend of celebration.

Children will be dressed in their colourful traditional costumes for their school concerts either side of the weekend, and of course Wales will be hoping for a victory over France in the 6 Nations on the Saturday.

And what better way to enjoy St David’s Day than with family and friends for a feast – with Welsh Lamb as the centrepiece.

It doesn't get more traditional than Cawl, a hearty lamb stew with potatoes, carrots and leeks, and the perfect fuel for a brisk afternoon ramble.

Or if you’re planning a roast, why not try a marriage of two icons of Welsh gastronomy – a leg of Welsh Lamb stuffed with Caerphilly cheese. Fans of Eastern cuisine might like to recreate our rich and aromatic leeks stuffed with Welsh Lamb and a hint of cumin.

Welsh Lamb is as versatile as it is delicious, and lends itself to all sorts of cooking methods from braising and grilling through to slow cooking and pan-frying. There are a wide variety of cuts available, which means there are plenty of options for a culinary celebration.

Welsh Lamb is also a source of goodness, providing high quality protein, iron and B vitamins, plus zinc needed for a healthy immune system.

Cooking with Welsh Lamb doesn’t mean a high calorie count either. Lean Welsh Lamb has no more than eight per cent fat, so teaming it with vitamin C-rich spring greens and a source of wholesome carbohydrate such as skin-on potatoes, makes for a balanced as well as tasty meal.

“Clearly not all lamb is created equal,” said Laura Pickup, Market Development Manager with Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales. “Here in Wales we have lush green grass coupled with top class animal husbandry that allows our lambs to roam freely across hills and valleys exactly as nature intended.

“Little wonder that Welsh Lamb has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, the highly sought after marque which guarantees that it’s a premium quality product.”

Here are some delicious dishes for you to try at home – for more recipes or information about PGI Welsh Lamb, visit

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