Changes in pesticide legislation lie ahead

Dec 16 2014

Legislation on the use and application of grassland pesticides is changing and farmers across Wales need to ensure that they are complying with the rules.

This is the call to farmers from the Pesticides Forum and the Voluntary Initiative (VI) – which includes Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) - who recently compiled a survey to measure farmers’ knowledge and awareness of imminent legislative changes.

From 26 November 2015, ‘Grandfather Rights’ for sprayer operators will be ending and from 26 November 2016, mounted sprayers and applicators will need to be independently tested at least every five years, reducing to every three years by 2020.

“It is apparent from the survey results that not all farmers are aware of the changes that they will need to embrace over the next couple of years,” said Lynfa Davies, HCC’s Technical Development Executive.

“Around 70% knew about the changes that will be introduced in 2015, with fewer people aware of the need to test their equipment from 2016 onwards.

“It is crucial that farmers are in tune with legislative developments such as this. They have a responsibility to care for the countryside and also for the public, as pesticides are often found in drinking water supplies.”

Nearly 90% of the survey respondents apply pesticides to grassland every year, and the most common methods of application were knapsack sprayers and boom sprayers.

Professional pesticides include weedkillers, fungicides, insecticides and slug pellets.

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