Welsh Lamb tickles the taste buds of London’s top chefs

Jun 29 2016

Large portions of praise for PGI Welsh Lamb were dished out by London’s leading chefs when the capital’s cuisine champions turned out in force at a special evening at Piccadilly’s prestigious Fortnum and Mason department store.

They were invited by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales’ (HCC) Welsh Lamb Club to celebrate the increasing role that quality PGI Welsh Lamb is playing on the menus of the capital’s foremost eateries.

The reception was also an opportunity to honour one key supplier, Daphne Tilley from Henllan, Denbigh, who received an MBE for her services to the food industry and in particular, Welsh Lamb in the 2016 New Year’s Honours List.

Every culinary conversation offered glowing gourmet praise and plaudits for premium PGI Welsh Lamb. Julian Lanclume, executive sous chef at Fortnum and Mason enthused: “I love Welsh Lamb, I find it very succulent, full of flavour, so tender. It’s such a beautiful product. We haven’t found any lamb as delicious as Welsh Lamb.”

The famous store has many important customers who return to Piccadilly to buy their Welsh Lamb: “They come back and ask for it and buy it here; we are so privileged to have it here in our store and ever so proud to supply it to the London clientele.”

Adam Hilliard, Head Chef of Frederick’s of Islington agreed: “Welsh Lamb is just like no other lamb! I’ve tried to use other lambs and you can just tell the difference: the sweetness, the smell when it’s in the oven and, of course, the great taste is second to none; it’s faultless!”

Welsh Lamb’s outstanding flavour was also highlighted by Ryan Brown, Head Chef of Oblix restaurant, at The Shard. “As a chef, flavour is first and foremost and at Oblix it’s very important that we give the client the best product possible - which we believe is Welsh Lamb.”

Matt Greenwood, Head Chef, Sofitel, St James agreed: “What I love the most about PGI Welsh Lamb is its depth of flavour. I’ve been using it for years while working in three or four different restaurants. When I move on they retain suppliers - just because the quality is so good; Welsh Lamb gets supported by incoming Head Chefs even after I’ve gone.”

Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott and Anthony Worrall Thompson learned their craft at London’s Westminster Kingsway College and chef-lecturer, Jose Souto stressed the importance of freshness and seasonality. “Seasonality is a big plus word with cooking, we all look for seasonal products, when Welsh Lamb comes into season it is at the top of the list; it’s a premium product and we all look forward to using it here in London.”

HCC Chief Executive, Gwyn Howells recognised the great work that Daphne Tilley had done and welcomed the restaurateurs and Michelin star chefs to the Welsh Lamb Club event: “This fantastic turn-out tonight is testament to the quality of PGI Welsh Lamb and reflects its popularity in London.

“The foodservice sector is an important sector for us to target in the future. The brand is of premium quality, demand is high and we must capitalise on that for the benefit of the whole supply chain in Wales. We hope this relationship will develop in the future so that we can get more PGI Welsh Lamb on top menus in London.”

Some of the chefs enthusiastically encouraged other colleagues to join HCC’s Welsh Lamb Club. Adam Hilliard said: “I’m very pleased to help others join the Welsh Lamb Club. It brings us together as chefs.”

Ryan Brown was also keen to encourage others to join the Welsh Lamb Club. “We’re tapping into a resource and people who care as much as Daphne, for instance about the product they produce. It’s a product that people resonate with and are proud to eat and enjoy, based on the fact that it is a great local product.”

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