Target aid on projects that produce long term benefits - HCC

Jan 13 2015

Future funding of food and farming projects in Wales must be targeted effectively to produce the maximum benefit for the industry.

That was the message from Dai Davies, Chairman of Hybu Cig Cymru, during a breakfast reception at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay today.

Mr Davies said there was plenty of evidence to show that all sections of the supply chain were eager to work together for the common good to ensure that Wales leads the way with new technologies and techniques.

With the next Rural Development Plan for Wales taking shape, he told an audience of politicians and major players in the food and farming industry that now was the time for positive action.

“I believe that this is a year of opportunity for everyone involved in the Welsh industry,” said Mr Davies during the event organised by the Farmers’ Union of Wales. “Food production is the corner stone of the Welsh economy turning over more than £5.7 billion every year.

“But there is great potential to further improve its contribution to the Welsh economy, creating more jobs and greater wealth.

Mr Davies said that HCC is currently preparing a new Strategic Action Plan for the Welsh Red Meat sector in consultation with partners in the industry as well as the Welsh Government.

“We will launch the final document later this year which will set out the actions required by everyone, working in partnership with each other, to secure a long term and profitable future for the red meat sector in Wales.

“I am confident that HCC and the Welsh Government will ensure that this strategy will be delivered based on strategic need and market focus.

“It is essential that support is strategically allocated to provide the desired outcome for the industry in a sector specific way.

“The projects funded by the new RDP must have measurable outcomes so that they produce real long term benefits that enhance the industry and put it on a firm footing for the future.”

Mr Davies said there was a clear desire within the supply chain to work together for the common good.

“For example, HCC has just hosted a meeting examining the carcase grading system which was attended by representatives of the farming, processing and retail industries as well as the Welsh Government.

“It is this kind of co-operation along the entire supply chain, assisted by targeted support through the new RDP programme that will ensure that Wales leads the way in new techniques and technologies and keeps us at the forefront of the world’s quality lamb production.”

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