£1m sheep project website is open for business

Nov 7 2014

A new website which aims to help give sheep farmers a boost to their business is now live.

The website is an essential part of a near £1 million project run by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales which encourages sheep farmers to integrate electronic identification technology into their business.

People logging on to will have an opportunity to be one of 1,500 sheep farmers in Wales to receive £500 for participating in the project which aims to understand the barriers to the uptake of electronic recording in sheep flocks.

“The response from farmers across Wales to the scheme even before the website opened has been fantastic,” said Dr Julie Finch, HCC’s Corporate Strategy and Policy Manager. “It has really captured their imagination which proves that so many farmers in Wales are constantly thinking of ways to modernise their businesses to maximise income.”

The project is open to all registered sheep farm businesses in Wales with flocks greater in size than 100 ewes.

Participants will be required to complete an online questionnaire that will collect current attitudes and experience of recording, either electronically or manually. They will also be asked to indicate what equipment they have chosen to invest in and how they intend to use it.

“On successful completion of the online training programme via the website, participants will qualify for a voucher which will entitle them to apply for £500,” said Dr Finch. “Those who receive funding will be required to undertake a follow-up exercise in the following year to assess their experience of using the new technology has been used on their farm.

“Funding is only available to the first 1,500 applicants who have submitted their completed claim to HCC.

“It is therefore important that anyone who has completed the course and has received a voucher should purchase the equipment and submit all the paperwork to HCC as quickly as possible to try and ensure they are among the 1,500 to benefit from this project,” said Dr Finch.

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