Let’s get silage savvy in 2015

Jan 7 2015

A series of meetings are being held on beef and sheep farms across Wales during January to promote best practice in silage production and management.

Three events, arranged by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), will focus on the advantages of good silage management which inevitably leads to improved animal health, welfare and profitability.  

The first event on 14 January at Cilgryman Fawr farm, Cwmfelin Mynach, Whitland will be an opportunity to see the evidence of high quality forage being fed to maximise animal health and productivity. 

During the course of the day, Dr Dave Davies of Silage Solutions Ltd will highlight numerous ways of avoiding health problems in livestock through effective silage management.

Farmers attending the event will also have an opportunity to listen to Sion Parry of Signet. He will explain how the quality of finished stock can be improved through genetic improvement.

Dr Davies, who is the author of HCC’s latest publication, Silage and Health, will also speak at the other two events.

An open meeting at Glanystwyth, New Cross, Aberystwyth on 22 January will focus on silage quality and will include a demonstration of the farm’s self-feed silage system for sheep.

The last event, held at Dyffryn, Foel on 23 January, will look at how attention to detail produces high quality silage and Arwel Owen will explain his hands-on approach to using EBV’s and genetic improvement in cattle and sheep.

“With several months to go before the start of the silage season, this early advice on silage management will give farmers time to plan and make changes to their usual routine of growing, cutting and producing grass,” said Lynfa Davies, HCC’s Technical Development Executive. 

“Farmers are encouraged to register their attendance at one of the events by contacting HCC on 01970 625050, texting their name and ‘Cilgryman Fawr’, ‘Glanystwyth’ or ‘Dyffryn’ to 07970907229 or by sending an e-mail to”

The events will be held between 10:30am – 2:00pm and refreshments will be provided.

The Silage and Health booklet contains a 10 point plan on how to produce high quality silage. It also includes details of diseases that can lurk in poorly prepared silage, and what action to take to eliminate those risks.

A copy can be foundon HCC’s website:

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