HCC supports Welshpool meeting to discuss calf diseases

Nov 5 2014

An open meeting for farmers to highlight illnesses that can seriously affect calves will be held in Welshpool later this month.

The Moredun Livestock Health Roadshow will focus on cryptosporidiosis and calf scour, conditions that affect the gut of young calves.

They can result in diarrhoea, impairing growth rates in convalescent animals and causing welfare worries.

The Roadshow is sponsored by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales. HCC’s Technical Executive Lynfa Davies urged as many cattle farmers as possible to attend the meeting, which is free of charge.

“This is an excellent opportunity to receive some expert advice about these diseases which can cause enormous problems for farmers and their livestock,” she said.

During the meeting Beth Wells from Moredun and Suzi Bell of the Animal Plant and Health Agency will illustrate what is currently known about the factors that predispose calves to cryptosporidiosis and calf scour.

They will discuss how wide a problem these conditions are, and describe current approaches to improved methods of controlling diseases in calves.

The open meeting takes place at Welshpool Auction Market at 7.30pm on Monday, November 17th. All are welcome.

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