HCC works with a wide variety of partners on a number of initiatives – both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Producing cooking resources and activity books to hook University students and children on cooking and help them start food purchasing and safe preparation;
  • Producing factsheets which give accurate information on red meat, health and nutrition
  • Free bilingual school resources;
  • Tastings and fun activities, working with initiatives such as ‘Open Farm Sundays’ and ‘Cows on Tour’ where children get the chance to meet farmers and interact with animals;
  • Targeted school visits;
  • Supporting competitions for pupils which foster understanding of healthy diets and food origins
  • Food Teacher training across Wales;
  • Long term support for initiatives which promote careers, such as the Culinary Association of Wales and the Worldskills UK butchery competition.

Our education resources are available on our HCCTrade website here