Consumer Advertising and PR

HCC’s consumer website can be accessed here:

HCC promotes Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef with integrated advertising campaigns targeted at key markets.During the peak seasons, HCC promotes Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef through advertising campaigns in Wales and England. As well as a key push to these markets in peak times HCC supports the industry throughout the year in key magazines and newspapers.

HCC attends events across Wales and England engaging with members of the public to promote the unique qualities of Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef and pork from Wales.At the events we meet consumers and offer them a chance to try samples of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, and encourage them to buy from their local retailer to enjoy at home.

HCC engages more directly with consumers through the use of social networking sites such as FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.



Demand for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef from outside the UK is growing and it is HCC’s role to develop existing markets and help access new markets for Welsh red meat.

We support the export of Welsh red meat through market research, publicity materials and meeting with importers.
We support inward missions to bring importers, retailers and suppliers to Wales from abroad to promote the Welsh red meat industry and the benefits for their business of purchasing Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

We also travel with Welsh red meat exporters to increase sales in countries that already import Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef and explore potential new markets for our exporters.

Trade promotion

HCC’s dedicated website for the food trade can be found here:

HCC works with UK retailers - from local butchers to supermarkets - who sell Welsh red meat.

HCC regularly meets with retailers to develop strategies for promoting Welsh red meat and increase visibility of the brands, which is done through promotional activities such as on-pack promotions and competitions as well as point of sale materials.

HCC is constantly looking for new retail opportunities for Welsh red meat and carries out analysis of the latest retail data to ensure that the industry is kept informed .

HCC has also introduced initiatives for retailers such as the ‘Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef Butchers’ Club’, which aims to help Welsh butchers that sell PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef.



The UK foodservice sector is an important market for Welsh red meat.

HCC carries out market research to identify new opportunities to sell Welsh red meat. HCC also works with foodservice suppliers to ensure that Welsh red meat is correctly labelled and marketed to hotels, restaurants and caterers.

As well as working with foodservice suppliers we also meet with local authorities, event organisers and public sector bodies in Wales to encourage them to buy Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. This is supported by increasing awareness of Welsh red meat through promotional activities.