Red Meat Benchmarking

Is your business financially fit? Will it weather the Brexit storm?

The red meat sector in Wales faces significant challenges and changes over the coming years. As an industry, we must work together to ensure that it has a strong and sustainable future so that it can thrive in a new and competitive marketplace.   

Benchmarking – a means to measuring the performance of your business – is an important tool in preparing for the future. It is key to understanding how individual enterprises, and the sector as a whole, are currently performing.

Red Meat Benchmarking is your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the performance of your farm and contribute towards a resilient red meat sector for future generations.  

It is open to 2,000 businesses with breeding ewes and cattle (please check eligibility criteria for minimum requirements) on a first come first served basis. You will need to complete an online questionnaire, presenting the financial and physical details of your farm.

In return you will receive:

  • a detailed written analysis of the data, evaluating the performance of your business against others within the sector;
  • £1,000 to compensate for your time and effort.

The bespoke report will contain information which will enable you to identify areas for improvement and arm you with knowledge to make informed changes to your business. A separate comprehensive report on the sector will be presented to the Welsh Government and the information will be used to inform policy decisions in the future.

All information submitted as part of this project will be treated confidentially. All information in written reports will be anonymised. 

Once the data has been submitted, a verification process of the data will be undertaken. If the data is found to be inconsistent or if problems or queries arise, HCC will contact you to request clarification or further information.

Red Meat Benchmarking will be open to eligible beef and sheep farmers between 8 October - 10 December 2018. Please note that you will need to be registered with Farming Connect, for more information call: 08456 000813.

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Funded by the Welsh Government EU Transition Fund. Delivered by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) with support from Farming Connect.