Flock and Herd Health Project

HCC will bring together up to 500 sheep and beef producers across Wales, with the support of partner organisations and vets, in order to enhance flock and herd health planning in a way that will:

  •  improve farm sustainability
  • help returns and business development
  • extend already high welfare standards
  • increase consumer confidence

The project aims to pilot new approaches to engage the red meat producers in practical and focussed activity to increase their business awareness and improve the competitiveness of the Welsh sector. This programme builds on the importance of animal health and welfare in improving production efficiency as a strategic priority area.

Data collection on participating farms will include an initial visit by HCC to collect some baseline data, this information will be used as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identify the main effects on profitability.

5-year project-with support available for up to 3 years

The Flock and Herd Health Project is aiming to engage with farmers and vets to highlight the advantages of using health plans. The project will run for a total of 5 years, during which there will be numerous opportunities for farmers to get involved.

The project includes:

Recruiting up to 500 flocks and/or herds to participate in the scheme over the lifetime of the project. Within the first cohort 50 farmers will be engaging in the health plans 18/19.

The project will assess the impact of pro-active health planning strategies in different sheep and beef production systems on the performance of the red meat sector in wales by:

Recruiting farms that provide a representative cross section of commercial sheep and beef farm systems. 


  • Free Flock and Herd Health Plan
  • Free Flock and Herd Health Action Plan
  • Veterinary review visits
  • Free biosecurity plan

How will it work:

  • Initial collection of farm baseline data
  • Consultation with your vet and HCC to review and update your current animal health plan
  • Regular visits and support from your vet and HCC to review and monitor progress