Name Project Title
Sarah Beynon Resequencing and genetic profiling of native Welsh sheep breeds in lowering greenhouse gas emissions
Lindsay Billsborrow Fetal Programming of Fertility in Ruminants
Laura Cavill Methods of detection, elimination and control of Clostridium species in the red meat industry
Neil Clelland Use of computer tomography based predictors of meat quality in sheep breeding programmes
Sophie Doran Development of proxy indicators for methane output by sheep using rapid throughput laboratory techniques
Henry Gu The role of microRNAs in the host-parasite relationship in the veterinary nematode Haemonchus contortus
Laurie Huxley Effects of rumen bacterial lipases on ruminal lipid metabolism
John Hyland Reducing the environmental impact of the Welsh ruminant sector
Anna Kaye Jones Identifying and costing climate mitigation options for sheep farmers in England and Wales
Bethan Jones Cattle behaviour: methods for improving the movement of cattle into a stunning pen and the implications for the use of electrical goads
Lucy Marum Use of stable isotopes to quantify carbon sequestration in managed grasslands
Ann McLaren Optimising the UK sheep Industry by the inclusion of Genotype x Environment (GxE) interactions
Sally O’Donovan Understanding the genetic basis for slow plant-mediated proteolysis in Festulolium hybrids
Gareth O’Keeffe Development of novel feed strategies to improve protein utilisation in forage fed ruminants
Florence Pethick Comparative genomic analysis of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis
Rory Shaw Project title: Use of real-time in situ nitrogen sensors to enhance sustainability and reduce costs in livestock systems
Leigh Sullivan Project title: Identifying digital dermatitis infection reservoirs in beef cattle and sheep
Sarah Thomson Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in farm livestock, assessment of zoonotic risk and development of control strategies
Hannah Vallin Effects of Echium oil of the rumen microbial ecosystem
Beth Wells Development of a diagnostic test for sheep scab based on biomarkers
Alexandra Wiffen Improving the environmental performance of beef production using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
Cate Williams Effects of ruminal bacterial lipases on rumen lipid metabolism