Livestock Selection Training

Opportunities for farmers to improve their returns when marketing finished cattle and sheep are being made available through the Cattle and Sheep Selection for Slaughter Training Programme.

These training events are free to all producers and provide practical demonstrations and ‘hands on' experience at an abattoir, assessing live animals through to assessment of carcases.

Each event is held at an abattoir with up to a dozen farmers on each course. There is detailed instruction on handling points and factors to be considered when selecting cattle and sheep for slaughter including:

  • Handling techniques
  • Market specifications
  • Supply chain requirements
  • Carcase classification
  • Dressing specifications
  • Breed traits

The experience of handling and assessing a number of animals alive and then being able to assess the carcases of the same animals later in the day provides excellent experience and information for producers to take away and apply at home to improve their selection skills in their future marketing of stock.

It is vitally important that producers get closer to their customer to maximise their returns' and HCC is determined to assist this process,  to enrol on a future course contact HCC on 01970 62 50 50 or on

A number of publications are also available to download: