Ambitious? Inquisitive?- then don’t miss the boat!

If you are an ambitious farmer, butcher or chef with a thirst for knowledge, don’t miss the boat – or the plane!

You may qualify for a Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) scholarship that will help fund your travel costs to enable a visit to see how cutting edge contemporaries cut the mustard in far off parts of the globe.

But make sure you act – the deadline of June 18, 2018 is fast approaching.

The HCC Scholarship is now in its twenty-first year and there have been over 40 Welsh scholars who have not only benefitted themselves but also their colleagues across Wales by bringing back and sharing the state of the art practices that can save cash and time at home.

“Such is the longevity and lasting legacy of the travel Scholarship that previous scholars now number enough to field two rugby teams and substitutes,” said James Ruggeri, HCC’s Industry Development Executive.

“A wide spectrum of issues and practices from genetics to grassland and conformation to consumer habits and eating quality have been put under the microscope by scholars from farms – and other parts of the supply chain – from all parts of Wales,” he said.

“The Scholarship is only available once a year and this year’s deadline is fast approaching – so get an application away today and you could be the next name of the long list of inquisitive and respected explorers who make up the prestigious past scholars’ association,” said James.