Astrophysics Professor agrees: Welsh Lamb is just out-of-this-world!

Identifying a celestial rarity is a treasured gift for an Astrophysics expert like Keele University’s Professor Aneurin Evans, but even that can’t compare with the annual dining table arrival of a truly heavenly Christmas superstar.

Santa is disguised in the Evans’ household as the Caernarfon-born Professor’s sister, Llywela Hughes from Llanegryn, Tywyn and Mrs Hughes has made sure that her Christmas present to her Staffordshire-based brother and his family is certainly no turkey. It’s a fabulous festive feast of Welsh Lamb from mid Wales and it will be the seventh consecutive year the gift has been gratefully received across the border on the big day.


Professor Evans and his family are part of a rising number of discerning revellers who are ditching the turkey to enjoy the world class taste of premium PGI Welsh Lamb. Last Christmas, sales and consumption of lamb increased across the UK with more people opting for a tasty festive alternative. Lamb’s great taste and adaptable cuts meant more time for celebrating with family and less time sweating over a hot cooker.

Llywela Hughes said: “I have been giving my brother and his family locally reared Welsh Lamb for Christmas for years now. They appreciate the gift and enjoy the meat so much that it has become an annual occurrence. It is also a pleasure to support local producers and to give Aneurin a little something to remind him of his home-land.”

Professor Evans is clearly a very Wise Man. He said: “Welsh Lamb is quite simply out-of-this-world!

“My family and I like something different at Christmas. My wife is English and the children were brought up in England so it is a real treat for us to have Welsh Lamb! Eating it at Christmas, either the leg or shoulder, makes it even more special.

“We enjoy lamb all year round, and my sister Llywela will occasionally cook a Welsh Lamb roast for us. To me, the fact that it is Welsh is very important and I have even been to visit the farmers who produce the meat which we have enjoyed since 2010. It has such a special flavour, it is certainly the best on this planet! I couldn’t think of a better Christmas present!”

HCC’s Rhys Llywelyn confirmed thousands of consumers were serving up Welsh Lamb for the year’s most important meal to universal delight. “This year, make sure you join the new Christmas cuisine cognoscenti and serve premium PGI Welsh Lamb to the family. You’re sure to be complimented on your good taste!” he said.