Belgian Lady Chef of the Year creates winning Welsh Lamb dish

Laure Genonceaux has been crowned the Chaudfontaine Lady Chef of the Year 2017 after creating a winning menu using PGI Welsh Lamb.

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is a major sponsor of the competition, which, for 27 years, has been awarding the title of ‘Lady Chef of the Year’ to a female chef who embodies quality, creativity and finesse in the kitchen.

Chef Laure Genonceaux created a menu inspired by international influences, which has become her signature style of cooking. Laure’s fusion cuisine consisted of a starter of smoked eel, goats chees and beetroot, followed by a Mauritian rougaille dish before using PGI Welsh Lamb as the centrepiece of the menu. Laure prepared 3 different cuts of lamb, putting the rack, saddle and lamb trimmings under the spotlight in her creation. The PGI Welsh Lamb was served with Asian inspired samosas, cementing her Laure’s cooking style as internationally innovative, before finishing the meal with a French Paris-Brest dessert.

As the now titled Lady Chef of the Year, Laure will go on to use PGI Welsh Lamb in the menu at her own restaurant ‘Brinz’L’, which is based in Brussels. Furthermore, she will part-take in show-cooking at trade shows and other events in Belgium, highlighting PGI Welsh Lamb as a high quality and iconic ingredient.

Commenting on her victory, Laure said ‘I am delighted. My favourite cut is the shoulder of lamb; the meat is juicy while not having an over-powering flavour. It is also extremely tender.’

HCC’s Export Market Development Executive Deanna Leven said ‘We are proud to be the partner of  Lady Chef of the Year again this year and we would like to extend our congratulations to Laure for her deserved win.’

Deanna continued ‘PGI Welsh Lamb is a natural, tender and versatile ingredient with a variety of delicious cuts, which Laure has proved in her cooking. We look forward to working with Laure in the coming year and seeing what other delicious Welsh Lamb dishes she will create.’