Best supporting role for Welsh Lamb in Hollywood star Matthew’s new film

Hollywood star Matthew Rhys, a past voice of HCC’s Welsh Lamb commercials, turned his hand to Michelin star cooking of quality Welsh Lamb to get in character for his new film Burnt, released in UK cinemas last weekend.

Matthew plays a leading three-Michelin star chef in the film and to get into the role asked acclaimed Welsh Chef and HCC PGI Welsh Lamb Club member Bryn Williams to give him some tips on cordon bleu cooking - using Welsh Lamb, of course.

Matthew Rhys explained: "Bryn was the first person I turned to when I got the part in Burnt especially when I assumed the title was based on my culinary skills!

“Having spent a lifetime eating Welsh Lamb and hailing from a large family that produces it, it was a real treat to be taught how to cook it properly by a real chef.”

Bryn Williams, the acclaimed Chef, who runs Odette’s restaurant in London, was pleased to help Matthew with his method acting: “When I got the phone-call to say that Matthew wanted to learn the tricks of the trade I was more than happy to help a fellow Welshman.

“But, to be honest, he didn’t need that much teaching as he was already pretty good!”

Burnt is the story of Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) who destroyed his career with drugs and diva-style behaviour. He cleans up his act and returns to London, determined to redeem himself by fronting a top restaurant that can gain three Michelin stars. Matthew Rhys plays Montgomery Reece, his top chef rival; the cast also includes Kill Bill star Uma Thurman and other leading British actors including Sienna Miller and Emma Thompson.

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