Blog-bank boost to HCC’s healthier eating campaign

HCC has set up a parental blog-bank to boost its long running Health and Education campaign and unlock a secret store of well-tried, hearty and nutritious family friendly recipes.

Various cuts of PGI Welsh Lamb were sent to the newly recruited mum bloggers by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) so that they could exchange culinary creations and kitchen table success stories.

The aim was to offer Wales’ schoolchildren a menu of appetising meals stacked with essential elements to keep them healthy, alert and full of energy to kick off the new school term in style.

The parents stepped up supper successes like Welsh Lamb casserole, barbequed shoulder of Welsh Lamb, and a slow cooked Welsh Lamb hot pot – delightful, child-friendly dishes that are easy to prepare and ooze goodness and nutrition.

“The bloggers prepared a fantastic range of completely different meals that highlighted the versatility of Welsh Lamb. It can also form the basis of ideal after-work dishes such as sizzling stir-fries, risotto and fajitas that are quick and easy to prepare,” said Elwen Roberts, HCC’s Consumer Executive.

“All of our work in this field is based around the Balanced Plate; red meat, alongside other important ingredients like fruit, vegetables, cereals, pulses and dairy products, is part of a healthy diet for people of all ages, all year round.

“As the children go back to school, they can benefit enormously from eating red meat as it provides many essential nutrients, including iron – an essential mineral for increasing concentration, memory and effective learning which also prevents children from feeling tired,” said Mrs. Roberts.

“Lean red meat also provides protein, vital for growth and repair; zinc, which can keep the immune system healthy; and B vitamins which can help release energy from the food we eat.”

HCC will be turning the education spotlight from parents to professionals later this year by demonstrating the value of including red meat in a healthy, balanced diet to a group of up to forty secondary school teachers in south-west Wales.

Elwen Roberts, in partnership with Meat and Education, will run a practical workshop for secondary school teachers at Bryngwyn School, Llanelli on 14 November 2015.

She said: “This free session is back by popular demand and provides an ideal opportunity for teachers to update their practical skills, theory and knowledge to assist them with the teaching of Food Education for GCSE. They will make three recipes using PGI Welsh Beef, PGI Welsh Lamb and pork from Wales using a variety of different skill groups, techniques and cooking processes.”

A range of free resources will be available for them to collect, includinglesson packs focusing on beef, lamb and pork recipes that are achievable in a 50-60 minute lesson.

Teachers should contact HCC to register their interest on 01970 625050 /

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