Carmarthenshire farmers host prize-winning butchers from Denmark

This summer has seen a range of promotions of Welsh Lamb in Denmark by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) in association with local retailers. Now, the promotion is bearing fruit as MENY, who operate 120 superstores in the country, rewarded their in-store butchers who had sold the most Welsh Lamb with a ‘farm-to-fork’ tour.

Huw and Sheila Davies, who farm at Llandre on the National Trust Dolaucothi Estate in Carmarthenshire, this week played host to the winning butchers and MENY managers, who were keen to find out how PGI Welsh Lamb is produced.

Visiting Llandre Farm offered butchers a chance to see traditional and sustainable farming practices. “The butchers were fascinated by the way we handle the sheep,” said Huw. “Denmark is a very flat country so they saw a great contrast in what we have here in the spectacular Dolau Cothi valley.

“They said that Welsh Lamb is their lamb of choice,” added Huw, “and that it’s been taken up very well by customers there. It was a joy to show them around, and hopefully it will help HCC in promoting Welsh Lamb even more in the Scandinavian market.”

Mike Rasmussen, a manager with MENY said that the retailer has seen a 20% growth in sales of Welsh Lamb. He said: “We started selling lamb from Wales last year and have seen its potential. Welsh lamb is very nice, it has a very good story and it was really nice to see it with my own eyes.

“Danish customers like cuts which are easy to cook with without too much fat. This trip will motivate the butchers working in the stores to tell their customers about how Welsh Lamb is produced and tell the story to the Danish people.”