“Excellent”- teachers’ verdict on HCC cookery workshop

“All excellent”!

That’s the view of one satisfied contributor who summarised the opinions of 25 secondary school teachers who gave 100 per cent positive feedback after attending a HCC-led specially tailored courseto help them with the teaching of Food Education for GCSE.

The teachers, from across south-west Wales, were invited by Hybu Cig Cymru-Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) to Bryngwyn School in Llanelli for the specialist workshop to support their practical skills, theory and knowledge.

“Updated advice on nutrition, food science and the new curriculum was shared with the teachers and key facts about red meat, and the value of including red meat as part of a healthy, balanced diet, were highlighted,” said course organiser Elwen Roberts, HCC’s Consumer Executive.“They created three dishes -PGI Welsh Beef Casserole, PGI Welsh Lamb kebabs and pork from Wales Yuk Sung- using a variety of different skill groups, techniques and cooking processes which can be emulated in the classroom.”

New GCSE specifications were explained by the WJEC’s Food Science and Nutrition Subject Officer, Allison Candy, who also attended the event.

Besides the unanimous thumbs up for the workshop from all of the teachers who responded to feedback, some long-standing concerns over the lack of sufficient classroom time to prepare and cook hot meals were flagged up.

To help respond to these concerns, HCC, working in partnership with Meat and Education, have developed a range of free, bilingual resources, including lesson packs focusing on red meat recipes that are achievable in a 50-60 minute lesson.