Farmer Wynne star of Grand Duchy magazine marketing

A mid Wales “flagship” exemplar farmer will become a foodie superstar in Luxembourg this month when he and his farming family are featured in a leading retail magazine.

Wynne Jerman, 48, and the Jerman family farm, will feature in an aspirational producer account in the March in-store magazine of leading Luxembourg supermarket Cactus, renowned for its "quality of life" stores.

Within the brands Cactus, Supercactus, Cactus marché (Cactus Market) and CactusShoppi there are 44 hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience and forecourt stores and through their various outlets sold 66 tonnes of imported branded PGI Welsh Lamb in 2015.

Mr Jerman said: “We do our bit to promote our products; we’re very passionate about the quality of the lamb that we produce. We’re farmers through and through; my mum is 76 and she is still milking the cows twice a day. We currently send around 2,000 lambs a year to Randall Parker Foods. We have been doing that for forty years and to Edward Hamer of Llanidloes before them, the predecessors to the current plant.”

His 600-acre farm, Rhiwbrongelli, is located in the heart of the uplands of Mid Wales. The family consists of Wynne’s mother Joyce, Wynne and his wife Helen, and their five children Kerry, Daniel, Jack, Lauren and Harry.

Paul Brown, Senior Sales Manager at Randall Parker Foods in Wales, at Llanidloes, said the company had plans to widen Wynne’s promotional role. “We will be taking Wynne to meet our buyers in France and in Italy in the near future.

“Wynne really is a trailblazer because he has been involved in exports since the overseas market first started. We use his farm as a flagship for the Welsh food industry when we host international visitors and buyers.”

Mr. Jerman explained:  “Our lamb can go to a wide range of markets; Luxembourg is one of many. Buyers will come and visit from countries including Canada, Hong Kong and Norway. I’ll accommodate a visit from leading exporters the same day sometimes; they know that we are always the same and that we don’t hide anything.”

HCC’s Export Market Development Executive, Deanna Leven said: “At HCC we are lucky to have farmers such as Wynne, who are very accommodating to potential buyers, giving them the opportunity to experience and see the quality pastures where Welsh Lamb is born and reared and why it gained its PGI status. This can often lead to new opportunities in export markets.”