Farmers Sign Up to Sell the Story of Welsh Food at Easter

Two Welsh livestock farmers have made the trek to London in recent days to take part in promoting fabulous home produce.

Luke Winton and Daphne Tilley, as well as representing opposite ends of the country, could not be more different in terms of their experience in the industry. But they share a passion for their animals and for producing high-quality sustainable food.

Daphne, 77, is famous for selling PGI Welsh Lamb directly to some of London's top food outlets and restaurants, sourced from her own farm in Henllan and those of her neighbours in Denbighshire. She has been awarded an MBE for her services to the industry, and this month linked up with Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) at in-store tastings of Welsh Lamb in the leadup to Easter.

Luke Winton is just 21, and hails from near Cardiff. With his childhood ambition of becoming a footballer thwarted by a knee injury, Luke turned to his other love - animals. He was given an opportunity to try out agriculture at the Amelia Trust Farm in Barry, and is now working at Abi Reader's Goldsland Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan, learning the craft of sheep and dairy farming.

This year Luke is one of fourteen young farmers invited to take part in the Love British Food campaign to enlist a younger generation of producers as ambassadors for home-produced food, particularly on social media. On March 22, he attended a special launch event in London with Secretary of State Michael Gove and many leading food industry figures.

Luke Winton said; “Welsh farmers produce fabulous food, and it’s great to have the chance to tell that story as part of the Love British Food project. I very much enjoyed the trip to London to meet government ministers and key figures in the industry. I look forward to doing more over the coming year to tell consumers what great products we have to offer.”

Daphne Tilley said, “Many of the top shops and restaurants in London are proud to serve PGI Welsh Lamb. Consumers enjoy hearing about the natural and low-intensity way our lamb is produced, and their reaction to the samples was fantastic!”

HCC's Consumer Executive Elwen Roberts, who joined Daphne Tilley in London, said, "It makes such a difference to have the farmers who produce the food as part of our campaigns. Consumers love meeting the producers, hearing about the low-intensity and high-welfare way that food such as PGI Welsh Lamb is farmed, and gaining an insight into the passion that they have for their animals and their industry. Luke and Daphne are terrific ambassadors for Welsh food!"