“Fit, Fertile and Profitable”

As ‘tupping time’ is nearly upon us, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is this year giving farmers the opportunity to attend ram fertility demonstrations every day at the Royal Welsh Show, where they will be sharing top tips for checking that your ram is fit for work.

As part of this demonstration, farmers will be given the chance to participate in a practical ram fertility check at HCC’s industry development stand, located next door to the shearing pavilion.

“An investment in a good quality ram can quickly turn into a cost if its health and wellbeing isn’t monitored and maintained. Improving rams’ health and fertility so that they can effectively service more ewes means that fewer rams are needed to produce the same output, thereby reducing both purchase and maintenance costs,” said Gwawr Parry, HCC Industry Development Officer. “A fit and fertile ram is worth £2,250 more than a similar poorer performing ram.”

The latest edition of HCC’s Little Book of Meat Facts will also be launched at the show. The compendium will be full to bursting of Welsh red meat and livestock industry statistics with sections focussing on cattle, sheep, and pigs with the aim of increasing production efficiency.

HCC’s comprehensive library will also be stocked-up with informative publications. These are free to collect and will cover a wide range of key topics, including animal health and welfare, grassland and livestock management.

The annual lamb carcase grading competition will raise awareness of the need to meet market requirements and will be taking place throughout the week, with the winner receiving a Welsh red meat voucher. Visitors to the stand can also have a go at identifying a selection of beef, lamb and pork cuts which will be on display. The winner each day will be also be rewarded with a Welsh red meat voucher.