HCC research indicates the grass of home could be very green

Farmers selecting grass for sowing from a league table of “super seeds” could unlock considerable benefits in growing and finishing lambs and cattle and also make sizeable impacts on their carbon footprint, ongoing HCC-funded research suggests.

Trials continue to test a wide range of grasses for yield, ease of cultivation and ability to grow and withstand the demanding UK climate conditions.

“Well-managed grassland provides the most economic feed throughout the year, either as grazing or conserved forage and, with input costs increasing, selecting the right seed mixture to suit the system is essential for efficient performance,” said Lynfa Davies, HCC’s Technical Development Executive.

Hybu Cig Cymru, together with England’s AHDB, fund the research scrutinising the grassland “league table”, the Recommended Grass and Clover Lists for England and Wales.

Farmers can be reassured that by seeding from the list they are selecting grasses and clovers that meet the range of attributes most beneficial to Welsh livestock production.

“All have been tested under UK growing conditions,” said Mrs. Davies. “The important traits that are measured include yield under grazing conditions, yield under silage making conditions, ground cover, winter hardiness and disease resistance.”

The 2015 Recommended Grass and Clover Lists can be found here