Inspiration for every occasion with new recipe generator

Lamb lovers need not make a meal out of tea-time decisions with Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC)’s new recipe generator, an easy to use online recipe tool designed to revolutionise how consumers choose to cook Welsh Lamb.

HCC’s new recipe generator allows curious consumers to find recipes which can match the cuts they wish to buy, the time they have to cook and prepare, the occasion and what sides or accompaniments they wish to have.

The recipe generator can be accessed via the website and can be easily accessed on mobile devices, meaning that consumers can check out recipes and meal ideas whilst at supermarkets, butcher shops or on the move.

Consumers can choose from a range of options to suit their tastes and lifestyle. Recipes are categorised as ‘Quick and Easy’ (under 30 minutes), ‘I’ve got Time’ (30 minutes – 1 hour), ‘Make it slow’ (1-3 hours) or ‘Worth the Wait’ (Over 3 hours). Additionally, results can be personalised by choosing the occasion of the meal, such as ‘Everyday’, ‘Dinner Party’, ‘Light Meals and ‘Sunday Roast’ as well as choosing accompaniments such as potatoes, pasta, rice or salad.

The recipe generator sets out to broaden consumer knowledge on how Welsh Lamb can be cooked and offers a wide variety of creative and tasty cooking solutions and features Welsh Lamb recipes specially crafted by high profile chefs such as Alyn Williams and Francesco Mazzei.

Examples of some of the creative meal-time ideas the recipe generator provides include: Hot Welsh Lamb Superfood Salad, Luke Thomas’s Spiced Shoulders of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Lamb linguine with peas and leeks.

HCC marketing manager Rhys Llywelyn commented; “Our new recipe generator takes the hassle out of supermarket decision making and makes it easier for consumers to choose Welsh Lamb dishes based on their tastes, time and lifestyle.”

Rhys continued, “We also want to dispel the stereotype that PGI Welsh Lamb is best used as a joint for a Sunday roast or special get together and inspire consumers that Welsh Lamb is a versatile ingredient to use any day of the week.”

“By personalising accompaniments and occasion on our recipe generator, consumers will be able to find inspiration for Welsh Lamb dishes catering to all tastes from a sumptuous Welsh Lamb Wellington to quick and spicy Welsh Lamb Tikka Wraps.”