PGI Welsh Lamb’s international appeal highlighted on new TV show

Michael Whitehall, former agent to the stars and father of award winning comedian Jack Whitehall, is a fan of PGI Welsh Lamb. On the new TV show, Travels With My Father, Michael and his son Jack travel the world together. In episode one, whilst Whitehall senior and junior are in a high end restaurant in Bangkok on the first evening of their travels, Michael orders a lamb chop, requesting ‘Welsh Lamb, if you have it’.

Shortly afterwards he expresses surprise at finding Welsh Lamb so far from the UK, something that those familiar with its popularity abroad would not see as unexpected. The most recent figures from HMRC for the first half of 2017 showed UK lamb exports soaring 25 per cent to £177.3 million, with Wales being a major contributor constituting around a third of the UK sheep flock.

In appreciation of the display of fandom, PGI Welsh Lamb reached out to Mr Whitehall on Twitter, pointing him towards a Thai Welsh Lamb recipehe could try, to remind him of his travels whilst using the best lamb available.

Michael Whitehall has since taken delivery of Welsh Lamb from Hugh Phillips Butchersof Swansea along with a recipe book.

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales' Market Development Manager Rhys Llywelyn commented, “It’s always nice to see a fan of Welsh Lamb in the public eye, and whilst pleased to see the mention on the new show we weren’t surprised to see Welsh Lamb available in Bangkok. The Welsh Lamb brand has always been recognised around the world, but it’s going through a particularly strong period of growth right now — from Thailand, Canada and the Middle East.”