Positive contribution of agriculture highlighted at climate change forum

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) emphasised the positive contribution that the Welsh agriculture sector could make to mitigating climate change in its evidence to the UK Climate Change Committee in Cardiff last week.

The meeting considered climate change issues specifically relating to Wales, with particular focus on Welsh climate targets and carbon budgets.

The Committee heard from an agriculture panel, led by Dr Prysor Williams of Bangor University who is the chair of the Wales Agriculture Industry Climate Change Forum, with contributions by Dr. Julie Finch of HCC and other industry experts on the work that was being done by the Welsh agriculture sector to meet climate change targets in relation to the ruminant livestock sector.

“It was important to convey to the Climate Change Committee the challenging topography in Wales compared to other regions of the UK and the role that Welsh livestock businesses play in the rural economy, culture and landscape of Wales,” said Julie Finch, HCC’s Corporate Strategy and Policy Manager.

“Notwithstanding the enormity of the challenge ahead for the Welsh livestock sector with respect to climate change, the panel highlighted work that was already being done by sheep and beef farmers in Wales and the work that is underway as part of the Climate Smart Agriculture project which is funded through the Wales RDP,” added Dr. Finch.

“The panel were also able to highlight to the Committee the close working relationships across the industry in Wales, and the ways in which research and technology can be cascaded down to farmers. Many measures to mitigate climate change also help the industry become more efficient, leading to a win-win solution for both farms’ profitability and emissions,” she said.

HCC, as part of the Wales Agriculture Industry Climate Change Forum, will now provide formal evidence to the UK Climate Change Committee which will in turn provide new advice to the Welsh Government later this year.