Vision 2025: A Prospectus for a Profitable and Sustainable Industry

A bold and confident prospectus for the future of Welsh livestock farming has been set out by Kevin Roberts, chairman of Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC).

Launching HCC’s Vision 2025 document at a keynote presentation at the Royal Welsh Grassland event at Carnbwll near Welshpool on 16 May, Kevin Roberts outlined how the red meat sector could respond to global challenges and continue to lead the growth of the Welsh food industry.

Vision 2025, compiled by the HCC Board of Directors, identifies routes to help a unified industry embrace new strategic opportunities and address challenges and risks for trade, production, and processing of red meat from Wales within a new post-Brexit framework.

In launching the document, Kevin Roberts argued for the retention of a critical mass of production capable of supporting a supply chain which will continue to work to the highest quality standards and employ thousands across Wales. The strong, iconic Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef brands, worth millions in exports, can continue to drive and support Welsh Government’s fundamental food and drink strategy while helping it to open markets for other Welsh foods.

“This is a positive and ambitious vision for a profitable and sustainable industry,” said HCC Chairman Kevin Roberts. “It is the product of an intensive period of work by HCC’s Board of Directors, reflecting industry input, research on the position of our brands, trends within the industry and global consumption patterns.”

“There are some factors that are currently difficult to gauge, like the uncertainty over market access posed by Brexit. Clearly, this is a factor that cannot be overcome by HCC alone, but we are playing a positive and leading part by analysing post-Brexit scenarios and developing a range of contingency plans should international trade be disrupted,” said Mr. Roberts.

He said HCC decried any suggestions of ‘managed decline’ in production and instead laid out the realistic foundations of a positive, practical and profitable future.

Vision 2025further argues that a sophisticated, targeted export drive can build a sustainable demand in future years, largely by capitalising on markets with growing red meat consumption in both the developed world and emerging economies and then exploiting identified niche opportunities that exist globally for one of the world’s leading premium brands.

“HCC’s leadership and work is needed now more than ever and we stand ready to lead an industry united in its goal of a profitable, sustainable red meat sector which is at the heart of Wales’s food industry strategy, its post-Brexit economy and its thriving communities,” said Mr. Roberts.