Welsh Farmer Seeks Sales at Top London Store

The prestigious Whole Foods Market in Kensington, which counts celebrities and top chefs among its regular clients, was the scene for the latest promotional drive by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC).

For a whole day, HCC staff cooked up delicious samples of PGI Welsh Lamb for customers, and also gave them the chance to speak to one of the farmers who reared the lamb which was on sale; Rowland Pritchard of the Gower Salt Marsh Lamb Company near Swansea.

The fashionable Kensington store has stocked produce from Mr. Pritchard’s business and neighbouring farms in the Swansea area for some time, and the promotional event was a chance to introduce the fabulous taste and versatility of Welsh Lamb to even more consumers.

For an added treat, Kensington customers were also able to sample a dish of mutton, slow cooked in a Moroccan-style tagine. The meat has become more popular in recent years, helped by the ‘Mutton Renaissance’ campaign, supported by HCC and other partners in the red meat industry.

“Our lambs are grazed in the tidal marshes around the north Gower area. This natural environment gives the meat a highly sought-after flavour,” said Rowland Pritchard. “I really enjoyed the chance to talk with the customers about the provenance of the meat; for many of them it’s very important to know about its quality and traceability, and the high standards that we have at every stage of the process.”

“I’m delighted that HCC and Whole Foods Market were able to organise this promotion in Kensington,” added Mr. Pritchard. “It’s clear that there’s huge enthusiasm for PGI Welsh Lamb among London consumers. I hope we can further increase sales, build on the strong links we have forged, and perhaps see mutton available soon on the shelves alongside Welsh Lamb.”

“PGI Welsh Lamb is a premium product, which fully deserves its place in a high-end retailer such as Whole Foods Kensington. Through events such as these we hope to further grow this strong brand in the important London market,” said HCC Consumer Executive Elwen Roberts. “It was also an excellent chance to showcase mutton from Wales, which was very warmly received by the customers. Many of them wanted to know more about how this tasty meat can be used.”