Welsh Lamb delights Danish diners

Bacon may be the meat people associate with Denmark, but Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is making the most of opportunities to promote PGI Welsh Lamb to Danish consumers as a food which is increasingly popular in summer barbecues.

As well as organising a visit to Wales by Danish food journalists,HCC has undertaken a range of promotion for PGI Welsh Lamb in Denmark this year. This included producing literature in Danish featuring summer recipes by Morten Falk, a Michelin-starred chef who is Denmark’s candidate for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or cookery prize in 2017.

HCC has also backed a food writers’ barbecue team. The writers are developing new PGI Welsh Lamb recipes for a leading barbecue website, and their team won several prizes in the Danish Grill Championship in Svendborg in June.

This year, there has also been a linkup with retailer Meny who operate nearly 120 stores in the country. Meny has worked with HCC to distribute promotional material and train in-store butchers in how to make the most of the meat. The butchers who have sold the most PGI Welsh Lamb during the summer will win a prize of a trip to Wales in September to see how the meat is reared.

HCC’s Scandinavian agent, Ken Sørensen, is delighted with the success of the campaign. “Denmark has lively barbecue culture in the summer months, which gives us an opportunity to persuade people to try alternative, high-quality meats,” said Ken.

“By working with the chefs and with the Meny retail chain, we’ve seen an increase in the profile of PGI Welsh Lamb, and a significant rise in sales,” added HCC Export Development Executive, Alex James. “I look forward to welcoming Meny’s winning butchers to Wales to show them the outstanding environment where Welsh Lamb is produced, and to working to grow this market further in future.”